Leash training your cat
Leash training your cat


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Buying the right equipment:

First,  your cat should have a collar.Give him/her at least a week,
to get used to the collar, before attempting to leash train your cat.

Buy a metal leash, not fabric or leather.

To Start:

Choose a time when vehicle & pedestrian traffic outside
your home, will be minimal. Attach the leash to your cat's
Place your hand through the leash's handle, grasping the
metal leash firmly. This will prevent the leash from slipping
from your grasp.After locking your door, place your cat
gently on the ground, speaking to him/her reassuringly.

Allow the cat to determine the direction of your journey
(within reason).If you happen to see a dog nearby,
especially  if it is NOT on a leash, it is a wise precaution,
to take your cat into your arms, or up onto your shoulders.


Be patient!

If your cat is anxious or afraid the first time out,
don't worry! New experiences can be frightening.

When you return indoors, give your cat lots of attention
& a treat.

If you would like my freeware CAT screensaver,

Send me an email: Cat_Training@hotmail.com